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Canadian Custom Cabins builds 3 different types of Buildings:



Every cabin is Engineer Approved for the area where the cabin will be located. All our cabin walls are built using 2X6 construction. We have a show cabin that can be viewed by appointment.


All of our sheds are built using 2X4 construction, unless otherwise requested.All shed walls and floors are built using 16" on center construction, making them extremely sturdy and long lasting.  Roof trusses are 2' on center construction.


Custom Builds and Designs

We build many different types of personalized Buildings. You dream it. We build it. We have built Art Studios, Back Yard Offices, Kennels, Play Houses, Garages, Mother-in-law suites, Music Studios; Bus Shelters; Fishing Shacks; Cooking Shelters.


Our cabins and sheds are designed using a modular concept similar to Lego.  Customers can purchase Cabin and Shed Kits that are simple to build, making it easy for them to construct their own cabin or shed. If customers do not want to take the time to construct their own Cabin or Shed, Canadian Custom Cabins has professional staff who can assemble these buildings for the customer.


Our main goal is to have happy, satisfied customers, and we will spend the time with you to ensure that we can deliver what you want.  If our customers are not happy, we are not happy! "Canadian Custom Cabins" takes pride in their buildings and the owners and staff work attentively with customers to ensure all of their building needs are met. Our Cabins are beautiful and affordable.


Our sheds are made to last and come with everything, from the roofing to the flooring;  we even put our sheds on skids so they are easy to move.


For all of our buildings, "Cabins and Sheds" the floors and walls are constructed with 16" on center, making them very strong, long lasting buildings. Trusses/roofs are 2' on center.


You will find more information on each type of building that we construct by visiting the different pages of our website.  For customer convenience, pricing information is available at the click of a button on both the Cabin and Shed Pages of this website.


Live your dream, by purchasing your dream building from Canadian Custom Cabins.


Luxurious Living at Affordable Pricing:  Your Can Now Afford to Live Your Dream!

Canadian Custom Cabins have designed their cabins using a modular concept similar to Lego. Like Lego, you can change the size or features of your cabin any time you want!


If you want to change where a window or door is on your cabin, or even add a window or door to your cabin, it is as simple as popping out one type of wall panel and replacing it with another type of wall panel.


Just think.... You can purchase a small cabin the first year, and easily increase the size by adding pre-manufactured panels on to your cabin the following year, or in years to come.

1) In a "Kit" - Customer Assembles.


2) In a "Kit" - We Assemble.


3) Cabins sizes that are 12X24 or less can be delivered.

1) Solid Wall Panel - no door or window.


2) Door Wall Panel - Can have different types and sizes of doors. E.g. A 36" metal door with no window; metal door with a window in it.  Many different types of doors based on customer's needs and wants.


3) Window Wall Panel - Can have different types and sizes of windows such as slider, casement, awning, picture/non opening. These options are based on customer's needs and wants.

g. Interior walls for different types of rooms.  E.g. bedroom, bathroom, utility room.

h. Deck with rails

i. 4' Roof Extension - Overhang

j. Shelving etc.



Our modular design concept is built to last, with great insulation value for year round living in both warm and cold climates.

The roof and floor insulation value is R40 or more depending on the size of roof trusses and floor joists that are selected.


Canadian Custom Cabins' focus is to build beautiful and affordable Cabins without cutting any corners.

Because of the way our wall panels go together, we use more building materials, than the new stick framed homes of today.

Every cabin is Engineer Approved for the specific location that your cabin will be located.

Every Customer is important!  We pride ourselves on excellent and reliable customer service.


The Canadian Custom Cabins Team, helps with the purchase of your cabin from beginning to end.  We assist you with design details, using our professional architectural program. Safety is important, and we are knowledgeable about a variety of County/Municipality restrictions and building codes. We provide our customers with detailed "Cost Estimates" and our "Legal Contract" protects the customer.


Canadian Custom Cabins stands behind their buildings and warranties their products with respect to defective materials or faulty workmanship.


Comfort.... Safety.... Security.... Luxury.... Affordability.... are 5 key features that our customers receive with the purchase of a Canadian Custom Cabin.




Modular Cabins can be purchased in 3 different ways.












How our modular concept is designed.

Everyone knows about Lego and our Cabins are built on that premise. Cabins are built using 2X6 construction, which makes it perfect for year round living. The cabins are made by placing pre-manufactured wall panels together.  These pre-manufactured Lego components are called "Wall Panels":  The "Wall Panels" are 4X8 feet in size.  There are 3 different types of "Wall Panels":












One 36" metal door, and 2 - 36"X36" windows are included with each cabin purchase price. Customer can add a wide variety of additional windows and doors to their cabin package.


Our cabins include a metal roof (customers choose the roof color). Our cabins ceilings are vaulted and our roof is based on a 12/12 pitch; specifically designed for spacious loft areas.  As we are "custom" the pitch can change, based on customer preference.

Our signature cabins use 5/8" tongue and groove knotty pine for both the interior and exterior walls.


There are many options available that the customer can add to their cabin package. Some options are listed below:


a. Floor with/without Skids

b. Insulated Roof and Floor

c. Insulated Walls

d. Loft

e. Ladder & Rails

f. Stairs


For Customers who do not want a washroom inside of their cabin, a  bathroom kit can also be purchased.  This bathroom kit is a separate building that can be attached to the cabin.  It is plumbing ready and comes with a toilet and sink, and space for either a shower or tub.



How our cabin kits work.

1. Choose Cabin Size  E.g. 16X16

2. Pick your options, such as a loft and/or additional windows and doors.

3. Order the Kit

4. Lay Your Foundation  E.g. Screw Piles

5. Assemble the floor by constructing floor pieces from the cabin kit.

6. Install readymade wall panels.

7. Install Loft if applicable.

8. Install Gable Ends

9. Install roof and roofing material.

10. Install Exterior Pine and Casing.

11. Call in Trades E.g. Plumbing & Electrical

12. Install Interior Pine and Casing

13. Relax - Enjoy you new cabin and "Live Your Dream".


• Modular precut pieces easy to assemble;

• No machines required;

• Easy to follow instructions included;

• Assembly assistance available;

• All fasteners/hardware included;

• We can demonstrate how easy it is for customers to build their own modular cabin by using our model cabin as an example and guide.



Our sheds are also modular, similar to Lego (2X4 Construction). Our shed walls and floors are 16" on center making them very durable and long lasting. The roof construction is 2" on center. The sheds are made by placing pre-manufactured wall panels, roofs and floors with pressure treated skids together.


The Lego components are called "Wall Panels":  The "Wall Panel" sizes can vary:  There are 3 Panel Heights: 6,7 or 8 feet.  Delete:  The first two are included in our pricing sheet.  However, length can change.:  E.g. wall panels in 2 foot widths.

Our sheds range in size from a 4X4 to as big as the customer wants; they can increase in size by 2 foot increments.

Like our cabins, for shed kits, there are 3 typical types of wall panels:














Sheds can be purchased in 3 different ways:

















There are 3 different ways that we build our shed kits.























The smaller sized sheds typically come in a 1/2 gable roof.  Larger shed roofs are typically based on a 4/12 pitch and include a roofing material called Roof Fast which is made especially for low sloped roofs and is great for all weather and comes in black. These sheds have a floor and are placed on skids so they can be moved easily.  Our sheds include homemade barn door/s.

The typical size of double barn door is 60"wide and up to 80" high depending on wall height.  Additional doors and windows can be requested. They do not come with an overhang; however overhang is an option that the customer can choose.


There are many options that are additional, which the customer can add to their shed package:

a. Different types of windows and doors, including roll up doors

b. The height of the walls - 6,7 & 8 feet

c. Insulated Roof

d. Do they require a floor, or are they building for example on concrete where no floor would be required

e. Insulated Floor

f.  Insulated Walls

g. Deck with/without rails

h. Overhang/ With or without Soffits

i.  Shelving

j.  Seating

k. Metal roofing

l.  Canadian Custom Cabins builds lots of outhouses. For outhouse pricing go to shed pricing and pick the size of outhouse that you want.


If the customer wants us to deliver, or assemble on site, all ground leveling is the responsibility of the customer.   We suggest that the best preparation for leveling is to cut out a section of lawn 6" larger than the shed size, dig down 2" deep and place gravel in this area for the skids to sit on.


Solid Wall Panel - no door or window.


Door Wall Panel - Different types and sizes of doors can be ordered.  Roll up doors are also an option.  All sheds come with homemade barn door/s.


Window Wall Panel - Different types and sizes of windows can be ordered.

In a Kit - Customer Builds


Pre-Assembled. Our Customers can pick their shed up from our shop,  or it can be delivered for additional cost.  We have contracted out our delivery services to Trekken Tilt Deck Services.  A 4/5 ton tilt deck truck is used that is 8 1/2 feet wide.  We would have to have at least a 9' opening to position the shed in the location that the customer wants. The delivery truck can hall a maximum building size of 12X24.


We Assemble Shed on Site. This is typically reserved for instances where the delivery truck cannot fit into the area where the customer wants the shed placed, or the constructed building is too big to haul.

OSB -  this is for clients who want to side the shed in whatever type of siding they choose. Customers can also paint OSB.

Smart Board - Little maintenance required.


5/8" Tongue and Grove knotty Pine Siding.

Custom Builds & Designs

Canadian Custom Cabins does a lot of custom work.  You dream it and we build it to your satisfaction.  We will help you from beginning to end, to ensure that you are provided with a building that is a true creation.  If you are not exactly sure what you want, we can provide you with an number of ideas and design concepts.  If you have a picture of what you want, simply send it to us, and through consultation we will provide you with an accurate quote.


Canadian Custom Cabins staff can help you design the building of your dreams both inside and out using our professional 3D Architectural Program. With our caring team, you are in good hands.


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Canadian Custom Cabins is a family owned and operated business.  We have been involved in the building industry since 2006.  Canadian Custom Cabins has been incorporated for 3 years

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